Corporate Yoga Program

No Company Too Big or Small!

Build Efficiency ● Reduce Stress ● Enhance Work Relations

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Whether during, before, or after the workday, the Lotus on the Nile Corporate Yoga Program provides a range of benefits to the company as a whole as well as to the employees individually.  Classes can be held once or twice per week, during company retreats, or staff gatherings.  Classes are carefully designed to:

  • be accessible to everyone regardless of fitness level
  • develop skills that transfer seamlessly into the company culture

General Benefits of Yoga (Read on to learn more about the specific benefits of our Signature Programs)

1) Supports a culture of camaraderie and teamwork

2) Enhances health and well-being

3) Improves productions levels and job satisfaction levels

4) Improves stamina and resistance to illness

5) Reduces stress

Regardless of your workplace environment, our Corporate Yoga Program is tailored to meet the specific needs of your company and merge seamlessly within your work environment.  Choose from either of our signature programs or give us a call so we can design a program to meet the specific requirements of your workplace, retreat, or staff gathering.  No group is too small or large.

Corporate structures experience elevated levels of workplace efficiency, planning, and focus.  Non-traditional and artistic work environments experience heightened levels of clarity, creativity, and innovation.

Signature Program 1: Midday Corporate Yoga Signature Program

3 Part Program includes Gentle Stretching, Breathing Exercises, and Concentration Techniques.  Participants wear regular work attire and not special yoga equipment required.

  • Part 1: Gentle Stretching

Primarily done in chairs and includes easy gentle stretches that are aimed at reducing stress and muscular tension often associated with desk and computer work and the rigors associated with a competitive business environment. Done in regular work attire, these stretches are accessible to everyone.

  • Part 2: Breathing Exercises

Simple yet highly beneficial breathing exercises are taught to improve concentration and mental acuity.  Breathing exercises are at once deeply relaxing–as they decrease stress–as well as rejuvenating and energizing–as the exercises clear the mind to approach new and old tasks with a renewed sense of clarity.

  • Part 3: Concentration Techniques

Our concentration techniques and mental exercises enhance fluidity of thought and effortless efficiency.  Concentration exercises tap into to mind’s capacity to focus, and have the added benefit of enhancing heart and brain health.

Benefits of our Midday Corporate Yoga Signature Program

  • No special clothing required
  • A rejuvenating midday opportunity to develop techniques that can immediately be implemented upon return to work
  • No downtime for travel, as classes are held in office conference room, classroom, or open space
  • Chairs are the only required piece of equipment

Signature Program 2: Before or After Work Corporate Signature Program

A traditional 1-hour yoga class that is done either at your workplace or our studio.  Classes in our Before or After Work Corporate Signature Program are taught with the beginner in mind and are suitable for people of average movement level.  Previous yoga experience, flexibility, or exercise regimen not required!  Yoga mats, straps, and blocks are required for a safe, accessible, and rich experience.

  • Stretches: Participants wear clothing that allows ease of movement.  Classes include standing, seated, and reclined stretches that synchronize breath and movement into a seamless practice of basic yoga postures.
  • Breathing Exercises and Concentration Techniques:  Sharpen focus and enhance mental clarity.

Benefits of our Before or After Work Signature Corporate Yoga Program

  • Promotes self-care and stress relieving techniques
  • No downtime for traveling
  • A perfect way to start the day energized with a heightened sense of clarity and motivation
  • A perfect way to positively process a rigorous workday and begin the next renewed and refreshed

Call or email to discuss your specific needs.  323.295.6887  CorporatePrograms@lotusonthenile.com