Herbal Medicine

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine provides essential nutrients and tremendous healing and rebuilding potential.  Herbal formulas are particularly useful in treating chronic conditions.   Our herbs have energetic properties that work on the various meridian systems.  Rather than simply treating symptoms, our Herbal Medicine constitutes a powerful therapy to address underlying cause of physical or psychological imbalances.

How are herbs taken?

Rarely do we prescribe individual herbs alone.  Rather, herbs are prescribed in well balanced formulas to meet the specific needs of the patient.  Herbs can be taken in tea-decoction, pill, capsule, or powder form.


Are there side-effects to taking herbs?

Herbal medicine becomes a part of the patient’s body-mind-spirit complex and, therefore, pose no dangerous side-effects.  On occasion some patients experience a healing crisis as they rid themselves of internal wastes and toxins that have accumulated in the body.  Herbs in the United States are largely unregulated and may be treated with sulfites and unnatural dyes and preservatives.  At Lotus on the Nile Wellness Center we take great care in ensuring that we proved the most natural and non-chemically treated herbs available.

Can I take herbs with my prescription medication?

Folks who are also using prescription drugs without problems can take most of our herbal formulas.  Our practitioners are well trained in drug-herb interactions and take the necessary precautions to ensure you are on the right path.  Your optimal health and wellbeing is our mission.

Are there herbal alternatives to prescription drugs?

We never advise our patients to stop taking their prescribed medications without the consent of their physician.  There are many conditions in which patient can benefit from either drugs or herbs alike.  Patient who do not wish to take prescription drugs, or cannot tolerate drugs due to associated side-effects and adverse reactions do have alternatives with herbal remedies.

Can children and the elderly take Herbal Medicine?

Absolutely!  In fact children and the elderly experience excellent results with herbal medicine.  Dosage and herbal formula composition is adjusted according to weight, age, illness and overall condition of the patient.

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