Message from the Heart

Message from Our Director Kali Sampson, LAc, MTOM, RYT

Acupuncture seeks to balance meridian pathways of entangled and deficient energy flow, which manifest as structural pain, emotional imbalance, reproductive ailments, organ level disease, and a host of other ailments.   Through skilled manipulation of the energetic pathways, my work as a licensed acupuncturist frees the body by balancing meridian systems, and thereby establishing optimal health in the physical body, the emotional body, and the spectrum of the richest subtle layers of our existence.

Each acupuncture point prescription is carefully composed to create a physiological response, enhancing endocrine function and neurotransmitter response.  The end result is a potent evolution of the human physical condition: at once a biochemical re-balancing and a sacred shift in energetic pathways creating ease and freedom within the body-mind-spirit complex.

Yoga is an empowering practice that focuses on creating divine union of breath, movement, and intention, further tapping into our energetic pathways. At Lotus on the Nile Wellness Center we truly have the best in offering the richness of acupuncture care –proven scientifically to be the most effective form of holistic and natural medicine on the planet–paired with yoga–the best form of self-care around.  Our approach of sharing and teaching yoga to our students at Lotus on the Nile Wellness Center is to encourage a regular yoga asana (postural) practice that moves the limbs of breathwork, sensory withdrawal, concentration, contemplation, and meditation from margin to center and thereby assisting in deepening our students’ access to opportunities for true transformation. The challenges and rewards each person faces in his or her yoga practice provide the magnificent opportunity to hone skills to apply in our day-to-day lives.  Approaching a yoga practice with genuine curiosity about the way each breath fills us, how each subtle movement reshapes us, frees us from polluting the practice with ego-driven mission to master a set of poses.  Sure, the poses are absolutely beautiful and come over time with regular practice.  But truly, the practice becomes a sacred journey of personal inquiry and a divine dance of breath, movement, and an honoring of the highest self.

When the student approaches the yoga practice in this way, the body can’t help but experience multidimensional healing: a perfect complement to not only acupuncture care but a fine pairing with any healing work.

Through intelligent sequencing, mindful attention to alignment, deeply connecting to the varied needs of our students, our teachings facilitate an energetic opening to invite grace into a heart-centered joyous practice that illumines the soul. When we practice yoga in this way, each breath, each movement, each mantra, each meditation becomes a bliss-filled profound expression of the spirit-heart yearnings. When the body and the mind are challenged in this beautifully sacred way, we can’t resist the opportunity to grow.

Want vibrant health? Schedule an appointment for consultation or acupuncture care.  We’ll put together a tailored made program of herbs, nutrition, acupuncture, and self-care to get you in the best health of your life.  Check out our class schedule and join us on the mat.  Let the evolution begin.

With all the love your heart can hold,